Virgo 12 january horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, 12222

If someone asks you to do something you like to do it properly without cutting corners and rushing the job. Disorganisation is abhorrent to you, which is why you are neat and tidy and will always have a diary with you.

You are also shy and unassuming but this is only because you like to analyse something or someone before committing yourself to an opinion. You may table take longer than most to achieve your goals, but you prefer to finish the race a little more slowly than to make an error.

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Loyalty and honour are particularly important to you in any type of relationship and others will soon realise this as they get to know you. You give of yourself per cent and expect the same level of integrity from those around you. This could also become something that dominates your relationships and you must be careful not to become habituated to testing your friends to see whether they are genuine.

Try to trust people more, which will help you unwind and enjoy life.

Virgo January 2019 Horoscope ♍

Being born under the sign of Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac endows you with a highly developed sense of perfection and coupled with an analytical mind can drive others in your orb absolutely crazy. You, of course, don't see what's wrong with wanting everything perfect, tidy, clean and thoroughly organised as it is your nature. You can also be totally preoccupied with cleanliness, hygiene and be extremely fastidious.

However you are far more critical of yourself than anyone else and your standards are way above that which most people would aspire to, but that doesn't make them right and you wrong, does it, Virgo? It is simply a difference of opinion and what is deemed acceptable or unacceptable. People closely associated with you can learn valuable lessons about time management and pride in any work they do.

Your expertise is highly valued and it is probable that you will find some people seeking you out to be on their team. These people will recognize your natural talents and be prepared to not take your criticism too personally. When you are critical it is more than likely because you've analysed and summed up a situation correctly before acting out your thoughts.

Others may find this annoying but, given enough time and exposure to you, they will recognize that your analytical skills are second to none. You are a most interesting person to be with because of your skillful insights and broad-based knowledge. Associates and family will be fascinated by your seemingly never-ending source of tidbits and information.

Any job or project that you are asked to perform will be done to the highest standard, meticulous attention to detail from the commencement until the end. You take pride in doing a job well done and once you have all the information required you complete your task to the best of your ability. You work through the details in an analytical way, organise your work schedule and it doesn't matter to you if it is a job you have done a hundred times before or the first time you have attempted it - the degree of excellence doesn't vary. Your attitude is "if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well" and there is no deviation from this maxim.

You are very clear on this and nothing less will do. Others may think it is a waste of time to dot the I's and cross the t's but not you. Oh no, perfection is where you start and perfection is where you end. Time is also important to you and a diary is a tool well used. Lists, lists, and more lists may be your style but at the end of the day, you will know exactly what you have done and how much more you need to do.

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Not only that but you will have a fairly good idea of how long it is going to take you to finish the task and what materials will be needed along the way. This is where your time management and analytical skills really come to the fore. It is very likely that your diary will be written in the same colour pen from start to finish and that no untidy crossing out will be seen on any page. It will be a picture of neatness. You have a hawk eye and can spot an error a mile away, whether it is a mistake on a food bill or a spelling error on a sign.

Today's Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, November 12, 12222

You are also cautious about what type of person is just right for you in your social or romantic life and slovenly people need not apply. You are very well read and consider yourself an eternal student of sorts. You'll pay special attention to the fine detail of any subject matter and this is how you amass your considerable knowledge of many things. You have a keen intelligence and a capacity for learning and prefer to make your judgments on the sound knowledge that is tried and true, rather than airy fairy stories and beliefs.

You can appear to be shy and unassuming when people first meet you but that is only because you like to observe and analyse people and situations before jumping to a conclusion. You are cautious with new acquaintances and don't give too much away before they have passed your stringent behaviour code.

If you happen to be born during the period of August 21 st to the 28 th , you're born on the borderline or cusp of the preceding sign of Leo, which is the 5 th sign of the zodiac and your own, which is the 6 th sign of the zodiac. As such, you are ruled by both the Sun and the planet Mercury. This makes you a person of sunny disposition with a strong intellectual leaning.

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Being methodical, you're inclined to be a hard worker but unlike the typical Virgo, you have no problem standing out in the limelight and being the centre of attention, taking full credit for anything and everything that you do. With a mixture of Solar and Mercurial energies, you have a unique type of intuition which serves you well.

You understand the people you come in touch with through amazing subtle intellectual flashes. You usually trust this. Unfortunately, if you're not recognised for what you do, unlike the typical Virgo of your birth sign, you may start to feel inwardly unfulfilled and frustrated. This will impact on your health adversely so you must find a way to bring this part of your nature out into the open so that you don't develop grudges and become a closed off person.

You have an unusual blend of extrovert and introvert qualities, which puts you in the perfect position of being able to associate with all sorts of people. There are times when others don't understand you because you swing between these two extremes of your personality.

If you were born between the 14 th and the 21 st of September, you fall in that area of the zodiac that is jointly governed by two-star signs - Virgo and Libra. Your ruling sign is ruled by Mercury and Libra by Venus, which astrologically is an excellent combination, endowing you with both intellectual qualities as well as artistic and cultural interests.

You are an elegant Virgo, due to the influence of Libra, but also have a shrewd and analytical mind with great powers of perception and intuition. This combined influence endows you with considerable lack as you have the best of both worlds, namely the mental and emotional. To explain a little about Libra is important here as it will endow you with many of the traits of that star sign.

First and foremost, Libra needs to be seen to be beautiful and acceptable. Coupled with your predisposition to be highly self - critical, even over minor personality flaws within yourself, means that you could constantly struggle to be accepted by others, not because they don't like you but because you have an erroneous conception about how they see you. Try to accept yourself for who you are and then others will naturally accept you as well.

You're attracted to beautiful things and are quite likely a sensual and loving person. You have exotic tastes and love the best in furnishings and as far as personal grooming is concerned, you have a knack for looking really smart and elegant, but will never overdo it with gaudy looking attire. You have a great imagination but have a tendency to stick to yourself.

Some people might think that you're elitist and are snubbing your nose up at them, and this is why you need to prove them wrong. You should show those aspects of your personality that are kind, caring and service orientated. Others will soon realise that their judgment of you is rather harsh. You need to be surrounded by quiet and soothing things. You need people in your life who understand you, are peaceful by nature and can share some of the artistic and cultural interests that you do as well. Being ruled by Venus makes you prone to overindulgence in pleasure, food, and other activities in life.

As Mercury is a sensitive planet you need to be on guard against overdoing things and regulating your life with discipline. Those Virgos born between the 24th August and 3rd September don't really like to be the centre of attention and can become embarrassed if singled out from the crowd. You are what can be termed the quiet achiever and prefer anonymity to being a show stopper. If you're born between the 4th and 14th of September you are a quick thinker, can reach a decisive viewpoint without too much trouble and at times you have moments of intuition that surprise you.

Watch that you don't become bogged down in a serious way. Between the 15th and 23rd September you are the most sensual of the Virgos as Venus, your co-ruler, brings out this side of your nature. Remaining young and pleasure seeking are far more appealing to you than growing old gracefully. Life for you is to be lived to the fullest.

Governed by the strong influence of Mercury, the Virgo man is intellectual, insightful and swift. You have an eye for detail, an uncanny ability to read between the lines, and you can gauge a person or situation by distinguishing reality from superficiality.

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This may sound advantageous, but it's not always so. This ability can sometimes label you as a nit-picker, or someone who imposes their perfectionism on everyone else. But this not really how you operate. You commit yourself to executing a job with immaculate perfection. You also try to improve a situation or relationship, especially when it is crumbling before your eyes. You're vocal about your opinions and may incur the mistrust of others who may not be as insightful.

virgo 12 january horoscope Virgo 12 january horoscope
virgo 12 january horoscope Virgo 12 january horoscope
virgo 12 january horoscope Virgo 12 january horoscope
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virgo 12 january horoscope Virgo 12 january horoscope
virgo 12 january horoscope Virgo 12 january horoscope
virgo 12 january horoscope Virgo 12 january horoscope
Virgo 12 january horoscope

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