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So once you find the things that bring you joy during Leo season, Virgo will put its durability to the test.

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With the sun, Mars, and Venus sashaying through your flamboyant fifth house of romance, charisma, and smoldering passions for the majority of the month, you'll feel as charismatic as ever. This area of your chart belongs to theatrical Leo, so it's both attention-seeking and highly entertaining.

Aquarius: You're Feeling More Romantic Than Usual

The sun is the planetary ruler of this astrological house, so you'll get lots of attention from your admirers. Once the planets make their way into your orderly sixth house during Virgo season, there will also be opportunities for love within your day-to-day routine.

Headed to the gym or need to run a quick errand? You better prepare yourself because you never know who you might bump into, Aries. Who are you kidding, Aquarius?

Determining Zodiac Signs Physical Characteristics

Despite your reputation for being almost too independent and emotionally detached, you more than anyone love to be adored. So don't act like you don't live for compliments and attention, because you most certainly do.

Aries: You're As Flirtatious As Ever

Besides, Leo is your polar opposite sign , so you both technically share the same astrological DNA — with the exception that Leo prefers to hog the spotlight and you would much rather start a revolution with the masses. With the sun, Venus, and Mars setting the date via your committed seventh house of partnerships and interpersonal connections, you'll be in the mood for romance and one-on-one time, too!

Your admirers will likely find you irresistible during this time. Although, for those of you who are coupled up, this celestial plethora of all things Leo could also rekindle the spark between you and your significant other. Hang on tight, Aquarius.

Ways to Turn On an Aquarius Male | LoveToKnow

Once these planets reach your sultry eighth house of sex during Virgo season, you'll be all about the body language if you know what I mean. Leo season activates your responsible sixth house of day-to-day routine and due diligence. With the sun, Venus, and Mars igniting this area of your chart, there will be opportunities for romance in the places you'd least expect it.

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Mundane spots such as the gym, work, and even doctors' offices are targets for Cupid's arrows. How does your moon sign affect you? This is everything you need to know about psychics…. Remember there is no wrong way, only what works for you.

How Aquarius Season 12222 Will Affect You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Choose what feels right and repeat. Change happens when you make the choice to change your life, and then make that same choice every day.

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Art by Mr. Set the intention for each crystal that works with the energy of your chosen chakra.

Zodiac Sign Meanings Part 2: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

Place the correlating crystals directly on your chakras or hold them in your hands as you begin to meditate. Crystals have unique energy of their own that will work directly with your own energy to clear your chakras of dissonant energy. Brush your body front and back from Root to Crown with the selenite and then meditate, holding it in your less dominant hand about four inches from your body. Do breathwork for each chakra. This is a method of pulling in and releasing energy with your breath as you visualize each chakra.

With each inhale you take in fresh energy and with each exhale, you release the negative energy attached to each chakra. Repeat each breath cycle at least five times or until you feel yourself relax in the focused chakra. Repeat for each chakra. Visualization is a tool for those who have a very good sense of self and are already familiar with where chakras are and which are off-balance. Put your essential oils in a diffuser. Allow the scent to wash over you, inhaling it and directing it to your chosen chakra to cleanse and balance your energy in that area.

aquarius eyes astrology Aquarius eyes astrology
aquarius eyes astrology Aquarius eyes astrology
aquarius eyes astrology Aquarius eyes astrology
aquarius eyes astrology Aquarius eyes astrology
aquarius eyes astrology Aquarius eyes astrology
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