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This vibration is to do with energy, harmony and co-operation and it is the 'door to illumination' or 'initiation'. In the number 4 we may find the powers to create and attain when used on the positive path. When the forms of 4 are centred on the material plane, they manifest as creative abilities. When focused on the spiritual plane, they have the ability to open new avenues for investigation into the psychic and spiritual realms.

The 4 energy dislikes change and sometimes misses out on opportunities because of this. The 4 energy is work oriented, with a plan and organisation for everything they do. The 4 individual needs to be disciplined and to have a high standard of honesty. They are dependable, serious-minded individuals who need to be practical about all that they do. The person influenced by the 4 vibration is a steady and industrious worker who needs to be kept busy applying their attributes in the everyday world.

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Success is there for the 4 energy as they have a strong capable mind and body. Number 4 is well organised and demands rules, regulations and discipline in all things. They see the bigger picture and the natural order of life, and how it can be applied in all that they do. They see the plan, then move forward with persistence to perform the necessary tasks.

Numerology For Day Number 4 With Life Number 4

Change is not easy for the 4 vibration to deal with. They have strong opinions and beliefs about what is right and necessary. They may appear stubborn to others at times, but this is because they need the time to review and think things through. The 4 person does not like to be hurried, but needs to work methodically in order to accomplish what they need to. The 4 energy does not want to be told what to do and can quickly become argumentative and suddenly aggressive when pushed beyond their patience and endurance.

The 4 vibration is cautious and does not jump into anything impulsively. They need to think things through, then make a judgement based on their own value system. The 4 energy needs a home and family to give them support and to be able to share their talents and material possessions with. The simple pleasures of life are of most importance to the 4 person and they will always be loyal to family. The 4 vibration needs to learn to let others live by their own values and standards. The ultimate goal of the 4 vibration is to organise, establish order and to bring ideas and plans into material form.

They maintain order, system and routine to make dreams a reality. This number relates to intuition, co-operation, firm foundation, practical, organized, discipline, hard worker, planner.

4th Day ജനിച്ചവരുടെ അടുത്ത് സംസാരിക്കുമ്പോൾ സൂക്ഷികുക - Numerology in Malayalam (DAY 04)

Under this vibration we are ready to build our Higher Conscious on all levels of living. They must treat all with fairness and attempt to create Universal Harmony. With the protection of the 0, these people have the imagination and ambition to climb each spiral of Super Consciousness.

The emphasis being on Patience and Order. The purpose of 4 is to share knowledge and wisdom. They are very gutsy and defend themselves well. Those born on the 4 th are often workaholics and succeed at all they put their hand to. The 4 energy seeks security and home is their haven. People under the influence of the 4 are usually very cerebral and need to find ways to relax their minds. The 4 energy must follow through with their ideas, otherwise they will not come to fruition.

The 4 Day person does not like to be hurried, but needs to work methodically in order to accomplish their goals. The 4 energy likes to be organised and everything must be in its place and t he person with the 4 Day Number vibration is a list-keeper. The 4 person is happy to play 'devil's advocate' as they enjoy making people see issues from all sides and like to make people think. When focused on the spiritual plane they have the ability to open new avenues for investigation into the psychic and spiritual realms. An interesting thing about female 4s is that even though they can dress up, wear makeup and embrace their feminine side, they do have a strong masculine side.

Positive Characteristics:. Once number 4s have reached a decision they will be determined on their decided course of action and will follow through. Number 4 Destiny people are able to manifest on all levels and are willing and able to put preparation, proper thought, passion and purpose into all that they do in order to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Number 4's often end up becoming the pillars of the community as these individuals are hard working, practical and trustworthy. The 4 Destiny person is practical, loyal, security-conscious and business-minded.

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Your purpose is to inspire others to fulfill their highest potential. Negative Characteristics:. Number 4s are very traditional and find and challenges to the status quo difficult to accept. They find it hard to disguise their disapproval of flighty and superficial people or of people living alternative lifestyles. This can lead to intolerance of other people who choose to follow a different path. Number 4s should try to be more open to change and accept others for what they are. Number 4s ambitions can be a source of stress if they are found to be out of reach. When stressed, number 4s become ill-tempered and often lash out at whoever is nearest at hand.

These loyal individuals make fantastic marriage and business partners. Their will power and stubbornness can also be interpreted as greed and selfishness, although this completely baffles the confused number 4 whose intentions are usually to benefit the good of all.

If the home environment appears sloppy and unkempt, it is a sign that the 4 Destiny or Life Path person is not doing well in their life. Number 4s approach love and relationships seriously and they are unlikely to play the field. Generally, number 4s are loving, considerate and caring partners and they will be protective of their chosen partners and will be faithful and dependable.

Number 4s find it difficult to express their emotions openly to their partners, and this may be interpreted as a lack of feeling. Partners of number 4s should accept that their mates are not prone to romantic outpourings but that they demonstrate their affection in other ways. Number 4s should make attempts to be open with their partners. They will often take stress home and create arguments in order to cope with their personal difficulties. Number 4s and their partners should be aware that this is a trait that exists and work out a strategy for dealing with it. It is especially important that number 4s are honest and open about their emotions in these situations or otherwise they may jeopardize their relationships.

Number 4 parents care a great deal about their children and want the best for them. Difficulties may arise as their children become teenagers and want to explore the alternative options that life has to offer. Number 4 parents want the best for their children and will believe that they know what the right course of action. Home and Leisure:. Home is important to Number 4s. They can relax only in an organized and orderly environment and will go to great lengths to make their home and surrounds suitable.

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Number 4s will get satisfaction from housework, gardening and other pursuits with visual benefits. Spending time organizing and tidying is very therapeutic for number 4s and can be developed as a form of stress management. Number 4s are unlikely to enjoy socializing to a large extent as they do not enjoy noisy gatherings where they may come into contact with flighty and superficial people. Number 4s prefer more sedate social occasions and enjoy having a few close friends round for a meal or drinks.

They may enjoy sports, but should avoid competitive ones that may increase their stress levels. Number 4s are very career-minded and are highly ambitious in this area. They are focused upon success and will let nothing stand in the way of achieving it. They can be insensitive towards the feelings of others who may get in their way.

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Number 4s will be happiest in a smaller firm where their loyalty and determination is more likely to be noticed and rewarded. If number 4s feel that they are working together towards a common goal they will be able to focus their determination towards the benefit of the company. Number 4s are often successful at setting up their own businesses.

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